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by Prue on November 25, 2015

Did you know that upstairs @ Clay we’ve got a range of lovely practitioners?

From Massage to Naturopathy, Homeopathy to Rolfing and everything in between, Health @ Clay practitioners have got your health needs covered.  Please download our list of practitioners.

clay therapeutics description 2015-11-25


You know that old chestnut, you’ve invited a bunch of people around for a lazy Sunday lunch: you’ve set the table, prettified the house, but haven’t the faintest clue of what to cook. Your old faithfuls feel boring, but you don’t have time to muck about. Feeling thoroughly uninspired, I dropped into the shop, hoping the gleaming produce would get my creative juices going.

It helped that Tom was there stocking the shelves. The youngest brother of our Clay family and resident gourmand, he immediately pointed to the two cookbooks that are inspiring him at the moment, so much so that he’s left them on the shelf at Clay to inspire other cooks.

Friends rave about Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty and Jerusalem, but I’d yet to try cooking anything from their pages. Tom pointed me to two fail safe recipes, Roasted pumpkin and red onion with tahini and za’atar, and Fig and goats cheese salad with pomegranate vinaigrette.  Tom advised us to team the two salads with a roll of lamb, roasted over figs and onions.

The thing about Ottolenghi’s recipes is that they rely on beautiful, simple, flavour packed produce. [click to continue…]


Pimp my Clay store

by Prue on February 17, 2014

We’ll start with the apologies. We’ve been neglecting you, dear blog, and all our dear blog devotees. We’ve hurt your feelings, we know. But can we make it up to you with oh, we don’t know, a new treat from the Clay store which just DOUBLED IN SIZE?!

Ahem. Sorry. We’re a bit over emotional after overseeing the renovation of the store, pushing a few walls out, expanding upstairs, adding a new bulk section, installing a beautiful new counter hand crafted by our friends at Make Stuff and generally pimping out the shop to make it extra beautiful just in time for Christmas…

So what do our loyal customers get with 50% more Clay for their buck? *Deep breath*: new fridges stocked with Jonathons gourmet meat plus an expanded veggie section for starters.

Then there’s the much broader selection of cheeses for the dairy fiends and for those of you who like to fly in after work for a last minute dinner fix, we’re offering Pure Pie take home family pies. [click to continue…]


A hug in a bowl

by Prue on June 28, 2013

Ok so it’s officially freezing. And one of the only ways to convince yourself to crawl out of bed before the sun comes up this time of year is to bribe your tastebuds with a hot bowl of porridge.

At Clay, we’re quite partial to a pack of Flip Shelton’s five grain porridge.

Flip Shelton’s consists of a blend of five different wholegrains including rolled oats, rye, barley, triticale and spelt.

The sustained energy release of the low GI grains helps regulate your appetite and keep cravings for hot potato cakes at bay. Plus, it might help you stay awake at your desk (not a guarantee.)

Which leads us to a rather personal question: what do you like to top your porridge with?

People can be quite particular when it comes to the art of porridge decoration. Are you partial to a date, brown sugar and toasted almond combo? Or how about the classic banana and honey with a smattering of cinnamon? Goji berry and pistachios? Stewed rhubarb and cream with a dash of nutmeg?

I go for something simple like cinnamon, chopped Chinese dates (juju berries), raw honey and a bit of bee pollen.

But Tom? He’s a little more complicated.

“Well I like full fat yoghurt, big plump blueberries or poached pears — and a generous sprinkle of the deluxe buckinis…”

Deluxe what?  [click to continue…]


This week we’re kicking off a semi regular item called Taste Test. It’s a simple concept — we ask three Clay customers to scoff down the stock on our shelves and review it. We feed them free food, and they rate it out of five. Who could resist? And the best product to bribe our debut reviewers with? Easy. Chocolate.

Otto* — aged 10, Artist Polly and Lentil as Anything founders Shankina and Brooke very kindly risked a stomach ache by sampling a large selection of our chocolatey wares:

   OTTO, AGED 10:

Pana Chocolate  Cinnamon  

The first thing I noticed about this chocolate is the smell, CINNAMON! I think this smell was maybe a bit off putting for first timers as it was to me, but the other features were pretty good. On my first (and final) bite, I noticed how rich it is on its own. Also the smooth texture of the chocolate was a great factor. But when it came to flavour, there was too many! First the sweetness hit me, and then it felt like it expanded in my mouth to become a tad bitter. At the end there was saltiness under all these flavours.
So that’s why I’m giving it 3/5! [click to continue…]

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Sometimes not even a well stocked pantry is enough to revive tired and stressed souls this time of year.

But fear not – Clay provides extra nourishment beyond your stomach — we have a whole new team of therapists upstairs ready to soothe your cares away through a combination of remedial massage, kinesiology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and natural medicine.

Clay is all about a holistic approach to health, and therapists Jessica Hill, Liam Crockett, Tina LaRocca, Nadine Bertalli, Sally Woodhouse and Sabrina Williams share this philosophy.

Jessica Hill specializes in remedial massage, deep tissue massage and blissful Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. Her hot stone massages are nothing short of transcendental on a cold winter’s night. Her focused remedial technique involves a nurturing & flowing approach that relieves pain and stress. Jessica has studied on the Hawaiian islands of Kaua’i & Moloka’i  in Temple Style Lomi Lomi and her style seeks to emulate the grace and flow of oceanic waves. Jessica weaves the grace of Aloha throughout her treatments to support, nurture, transform and empower.

(Contact Jessica on 0432010078.)

Local mum Tina LaRocca is an experienced Kinesiologist and Remedial Massage practitioner. Her approach to healing is to consider the whole body and subsequently identify and treat the underlying causes. Tina incorporates Craniosacral release into her sessions of Kinesiology and Remedial Massage as well as offering full one hour sessions of Craniosacral release – this is a gentle yet profound method for enhancing the function of the nervous system and returning balance and mobility to the entire body. Tina also treats pre- natal and post- natal women and children. [click to continue…]

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